Bernardo Paasche

Founding Partner, Capital Indigo

Bernardo Paasche Junco, Socio Fundador, Capital Indigo.

• Founding Partner, Capital Indigo: in charge of all operations of the fund.

• CEO of Crediamigo, transforming this family owned business and later selling it to a NASDAQ listed multibillion dollar company.

• HBK Investment’s Private Equity and Direct Lending Mexico Office Head.

• HBK Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager: invested in Latam, Africa and Asia across industries; finance, mining, retail, real estate and others.

• Economic Researcher for the IMF in Washington, DC.

• Current and former Board memberships: Interdeli, DDS, Assured Labor, Proambi, GBG, CrediconfĂ­a, Nimanic, Aspire, AMEXCAP and others.

• Chosen in 2007 as one of the top entrepreneurs in Mexico at the age of 30 by Expansion Magazine.

• B.S. in actuarial science from ITAM (Honors) and Masters and Ph.D. in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University (Ph.D. thesis supervised by Nobel Laureate)

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